How to Shave

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Shaving is one of the most common and, by far, the most convenient method of hair removal for men and women alike. While there are many different skin areas to shave, a wide variety of instruments to choose from, and a great selection of methods to try, there are a few basic rules that everyone should follow when shaving:

Shaving Equipment

  1. Choose disposable razors for convenience and price. While the skin is protected from all but the sharp edge of the blade, it’s still important to use these carefully; nicks and cuts are common mistakes made by even the most experienced of men. Disposable razors are cheap and — no surprise here — disposable. They are best purchased in bulk and discarded after five or fewer uses, after which time the blade or blades become dull.
  2. Choose multi-blade razors for added efficiency. These razors are usually outfitted with interchangeable, disposable blade cartridges; sometimes, the entire razor (including the handle) can be thrown away after use. Between brands and models, there can be significant differences in usability, durability, efficiency (more blades at least make more passes in less time, and may even arrange hairs for better cutting than with multiple single-blade passes.
  3. Multi-blade razors. These are often touted as more durable than disposable razors, although this is sometimes disputed. Multi-blade manufacturers say that their blades last up to a month and a half, although many only get about two weeks worth of shaving out of their blades.
  4. Price. If you’re concerned about price, multi-blades may not be the best bet for you. Packages of multi-blade refills can regularly put the customer back €25€50. If affordability is your goal, stick with disposable razors.
  5. Handles. The handle’s blade mounts may differ, but a new handle for a superior blade type may rapidly pay for itself in less-frequent blade changes. You can also purchase more high-end mounts that fit with commercial multi-blades.

Shaving Technique & After Care (coming soon)