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No time to wait?

No problem.

To make life a bit easier, and to save you some time, the best way to sit with your Barber in Portmarnock, or Fairview/Marino is to choose a time that suits you, and turn up then.

You're always welcome to come a little earlier to take a seat and enjoy the space, watch sports, or take a breather.

Please be courteous of our Barbers time. If you think you'll be late, it's possible to reschedule/cancel your booking from the confirmation email you received after booking.

For any times where a booking arrives 10 minutes late or more, the allocation will be given to any customers who are waiting in the shop.

We look forward to taking care of you soon.

*Masters < 13 y/o

*For Student pricing, we will kindly ask to see a valid Student I.D. (up to the age of 23)

We are now open on Sundays in both locations | Barbers Open Sundays

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