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Courses with Darragh

Having worked with some of the biggest names in Music and Sports, Darragh is no stranger to putting himself out there, working under pressure, and delivering incredible results.

The natural progression is to share this knowledge with those who wish to up their skills, brand, and exposure to new opportunities.

Looking forward to working with you soon!

  • 1-1 Network Marketing
  • 150
  • Hosted by Darragh Kelly Privately!
  • Market Yourself Better on Social
  • Attract Bigger Opportunities
  • Work with Big Names!
  • Buy Now
  • Hair Training
  • 250+
  • Full Day Fade Workshop (Dublin 3)
  • Group Fade Workshop (Your Location)
  • Customised Business Workshops
  • Learn More

My 1-1 Network Marketing course will provide many useful tips on how to boost your clientele, get busier in your shop, and help you to grow your social media following.

The course will also run through a few things on how you can work with some of the biggest names out there, attract a lot more opportunities, and get your name out there!

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