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Barbers Covid-19

Barbers Re-opening Covid-19 Ireland

Everyone’s eagerly anticipating the re-opening of Barber Shops and Hairdressers amid the Corona Virus Pandemic, but the question on everyones lips is when exactly are Barbers set to re-open?

At present, the entire hair industry is set to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions on 20 July (Phase 4), however, this is still some way away for all those who have been patient and not gone down the route of black market hair cuts (sincerest gratitude to all who have stuck with it).

The Irish Hairdressers’ Federation has been pushing for answers from Simon Harris, the Minister for Health, as to the possibility of re-opening Barber Shops and Hairdressers in Phase 3 of the lockdown on the 29th of June 2020.

Given the nature of the work that Barbers and Hairdressers do, it means that we’re in close proximity, with physical touch, on multiple customers per day. As a result, the industry is classified as high risk, and as such additional measures are needed to be in place to provide services in a safe environment in order to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.

Visits will be slightly different with several changes being implemented to ensure the safety of clients and employees. Health & Safety is already of paramount importance to all Barber Shops and Hairdressers, which is why you’ll always see the use of Barbicide, Clippercide, cleansing of instruments, etc., as before the outbreak of the pandemic we were already looking to avoid transmission of other skin borne ailments.

In addition you may find the usage of single use aprons, masks for customers, being requested to sanitise hands before sitting in the chair, and other necessary procedures.

In Portmarnock Barber Co., and Barber Co. Fairview, we will be ensuring that all Health & Safety requirements are met to keep our customers and team as safe as possible.

When we re-open we will be moving to Barber Bookings Only, which most of our customers already utilise, as this will allows us to manage time slots appropriately, as well as to have a traceable link to any customers who have been looked after by us just in case there have been any reported cases through the stores. Contactless payments will also become the chosen payment method during the pandemic to avoid cash handling which presents further risk of transmissions.

We are requesting that no customers visit our stores if they have been abroad within the last two weeks, or if they have knowingly been in contact with anyone with the Corona Virus.

Hopefully all questions will be answered this Thursday, June 18th 2020, after requests are deliberated and thought through. As soon as confirmation for June/July opening is given, we will proceed to open bookings and will make sure to contact all of our customers to let them know.

We look forward to looking after you all again soon!

The Team @ Barber Co.

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